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Sweet and Simple DIY Flower Arrangements for Any Occasion

Posted on 15 October 2018

There are not many instances where you’d spontaneously make a mini flower arrangement let alone a set of mini flower arrangements. Why not make an occasion so you can get your creative flower power on? Alright, a little cheesy, but seriously. Large flower centerpieces can be really daunting, especially for anyone that doesn’t feel especially talented with floral design. Like any talent, start small and build up from there.  Here’s our advice to get you started.

Sweet and Simple Flower Arrangements For Any Occasion

Step One: Picking your flowers and greenery

This one is easy.  Try to stick with up to 3 different kinds of stems. Try one flower type that you want to be the star of the show. For this example we chose white mums. Next chose a greenery- we chose green berries. Then finally a filler flower like our goldenrod.  

Picking Out Flowers and Greenery for your Arrangement

Tip: Try to do each stem in a different texture (round, bushy, spiky)

Floral Stems with Different Textures

Step Two: The Prep Work

Pick out your vase or vases. We used our Matte Gray Square Urbans vases (P.S- they come in a set of 2). Trim off leaves from the stems and any wilting petals around the edges of the blooms.

Trimming Leaves From Your Flowers To Prep Your Floral Arrangement

Cut your stems to the desired length and at a 45 degree angle.  

Cutting Stems to the Perfect Length

Tip: Carefully place the stem and vase on the edge of the counter to use as a cutting reference. Cut conservatively long and trim off small bits from there after you start arranging.

Arranging Your Florals and Greenery

Step Three: Arranging

There’s no straight rules for how you want to arrange.  We suggest for mini flower arrangements putting the greenery in first, adding your your main flowers.  Use the filler and more greenery to fill in any gaps.

Using Greenery to Fill the Gaps
A Perfect Mixture of Florals and Greenery

Step Four: Finishing up the Job

Make any needed stem length adjustments then fill your vase with water to keep them going longer than an afternoon. Using a canister with a longer nozzle will help avoid any splashing. Most arrangements of this size aren’t made to last too long, but if you want to extend their life, add a ¼ tsp of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of sugar to act as flower food.

Adding Water and Flower Food to Your Arrangement

The Finished Results of Your DIY Flower Arrangement

Now that you’re finished you can display these lovelies for whatever occasion you’ve come up with.

Flower Arrangements on a Table Runner

Side-by-side DIY Flower Arrangements

Flower Arrangements for Home Decor

DIY Flower Arrangements for Casual Decor

We have them displayed for casual decor, but these are great decorative space savers for:

Dining table centerpieces when guests are over

Baby showers

Wedding showers

Anniversary dinners


Or just for fun! 

Fun and Decorative Floral Arrangements

Products: Grey Urban Matte Square Vase Set of 2  

Photography: Marmalade Photo

Flowers: Metropolitan Market and Trader Joes


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